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Honda H-RV3

It will shake the car market! 2022 modelo Honda HR-V 3rd generation SUV prices have been announced!
2022 Honda HR-V 3. Creator of the SUV segment in Turkey, HR-V makes a difference with its advanced hybrid technology. The price of the renewed vehicle is between 650 thousand and 680 thousand TL.

The SUV car market is growing in Turkey. With the arrival of new models that did not come due to the chip crisis, sales began. 5 de marzo de is expected to go on sale from 2022. The price of the new Honda HR-V will be between 650 thousand TL and 680 thousand TL.


The renewed SUV has an innovative hybrid system called HEV. Under its hood, the 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine is powered by two compact and powerful electric motors. The gasoline engine alone will produce 131 PS of power and 253 Nm of torque.

Automotive giant Honda, which continues to expand its hybrid product range within the scope of its ‘Electric Vision Strategy’, used three different driving modes as Sport, Normal and Eco in the HR-V. The HR-V also features ‘B’ mode for stronger regenerative braking.

While the 7 pulgadas screen offered in the hardware package makes the driver’s life easier with its legible structure, the 9 pulgadas touch screen offered depending on the hardware package is eye-catching.

The new Honda HR-V has the widest interior in its class, with a 10 mm increased ground clearance and a 20 mm lower roof height.

The price of the new HR-V, which is stated to be on sale as of March 5, starts from 650,000 TL. In the second step, we see the Style hardware with a price of 685,000 TL.